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Math, Content Area, and Parent Conferences

I have teamed up with two other fantastic, experienced teachers to expand our services!  We can now offer math and content area tutoring such as Science and Social Studies.  We also are committed to enhancing the education of your child by helping you, the parent, understand your child's learning needs, and communicating with your child's teachers.

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Math is an important subject in your child's school career that can be difficult for busy parents to assist their children with. As a result, we offer elementary, middle school and high school math tutoring.

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Content Areas

Science and Social Studies is an integral part of your child's education.  Content areas is why you children learn to read.  First children learn to read, then they read to learn. We can help your child in these subjects!

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Parent Conferencing

Understanding your child's learning needs and knowing how to help your child is an important way to help them succeed.  We make sure that we provide the time to help you in any way we can!