The Magic of Reading!

The Important Three

Reading is a wonderful mix of several different abilities. Some children can excel at one area of reading and not another. The trick is to identify the student's strengths and weaknesses and provide fun, engaging, motivating activities to further strengthen the strengths and improve the weaknesses.


Reading begins and ends with comprehension. Literacy experts have identified comprehension as the most important element in reading. Comprehension is the sole purpose of reading. We learn about words, and even letters, via comprehension.


Phonics is how we decipher words and learn how to put letters and phonemes together to make meaning. This "puzzle" can be difficult for some children. Word study and vocabulary activities are helpful in learning phonics and help children make sense out of what they are seeing.


Writing is reading's partner. Writing helps to expand and further our reading. It also helps to showcase our reading and learning and creativity and can be a wonderful motivator!

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Helping children to enjoy reading

I provide children with an enjoyable experience with reading to help them learn to their fullest potential. I use assessments commonly used in the school districts, games and a relationship with the child and the family, along with great opportunities to read enjoyable, engaging texts individually chosen based on a comprehensive assessment to teach reading.


A little about me

I am an experienced classroom teacher of over 12 years and an educator for over 20 years. I am special education certified and reading specialist certified. I have my bachelor's degree in Special Education and my master's in Literacy. I work well with children and I work well with parents. I want to help your child genuinely learn and do as well as he or she possibly can in the learning environment. Reading and learning should be fun!

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